Cody Ayala

What has inspired YOUR fitness journey and what keeps you moving on it? What do you do this for?

Completing my first marathon (Skechers Performance Los Angeles Marathon, 26.2 miles) in March 2011 has inspired my fitness journey.
I decided to run in honor & memory of my mother who I lost when I was fifteen years of age, due to Ovarian Cancer. She passed away in 2004. The following years were troubled with no father around. I was unmotivated and my grades in school showed for it. I was angry and overcome with grief. I entered the foster care system and soon wondered the streets and associated with a bad crowd. I ended up in juvenile hall for 5 months. I was 17 years old at this point of my life. I read my bible and did push-ups everyday and kept to myself in there. I was looking for a better way to go about life and wanted to have a purpose bigger than myself. Once I was released to only have the clothes on my back (literally), I entered back into society where temptation to fall back to my old habits was so easy. I decided to keep myself busy and surround myself with only positive people. It took awhile to find that positive crowd while living back in my gang infested neighborhood. Eventually at the age of 20 I decided to train for Skechers Performance Los Angeles Marathon, which helped keep me focused on my downtime when I wasn’t working at the warehouse. I had no time to hang out with that troubled crowd because I ran and logged miles in. During my training season I met others doing the same and began to meet likeminded people. I was 21 years old on race day. My biggest motivation (My Mother) is what got me across the finish line. She fought all the way to the end during her battle with ovarian cancer and I did the same with the 26.2 miles that lay ahead of me. Since then I’ve made it a tradition to run the Skechers Performance Los Angeles Marathon every year. There was one close call that almost ruined my streak which was an avalanche accident this year in January 2017 (that dang avalanche) but I’m happy to say I’ll be running my 8th consecutive Skechers Performance Los Angeles Marathon March 18th, 2018 God willing!

I want to help the next generation / youth make smart choices and understand the consequences behind reckless behavior. I want to have a positive influence on our youth through my love & passion for fitness. Fitness is my outlet and saved me. God blessed me with amazing strength.

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By Cody Ayala, on Mar 01, 2018

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